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Academy conversion is a significant step for any Governing Body to take.

Schools considering conversion, including existing academies looking to benefit from partnering with us, are able to join The Rutland Learning Trust as an academy partner or sponsored academy. A partner school or sponsored academy becomes part of the legal entity of The Rutland Learning Multi Academy Trust, ceding its governance to the Trust, whilst retaining management autonomy proportionate to its current performance. 


Our website is packed with information about The Rutland Learning Trust and our schools. However to find out more about us and what we can offer your school please contact Debbie Kennard Kettle: DKKettle@rutlandlearningtrust.com


Please read this discussion document for new schools considering joining our Multi-Academy Trust it includes: 

  • Our Vision and Aims

  • Why join a Multi-Academy Trust

  • Being part of our Multi-Academy Trust

  • Governance Structures

  • What happens if you want to join our Trust?

How does the RLT support a new school joining the team?  

  • Due Diligence Report to Leadership and Governors

  • Trust Action Plan (based on recommendations outlined in the DD Report – Education, Finance, HR, Facilities, IT, Governance, H&S Audits)

  • Identify how the Trust can support the school’s key priorities – staff deployment

  • Consultation Events

  • Meetings with staff and Governors

  • Governor Training

  • Create a school Improvement Document to include: Vision and Aims; Roles and Responsibilities; Data Capture; Action Plans; Monitoring Schedules; Governor Profiles, Induction

  • Quality Assurance and School Improvement Activities planned each term across the year

Capacity for sustained school improvement 


School Improvement & Quality Assurance 

Our Central Services Offer 

Joining our team